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No matter your needs, we can help you source your product in Southeast Asia. From classic furniture to innovative design and from standardized products to items conception. We are committed to quality. To make sure that your products are compliant and in good condition when they reach you, we take great care in selecting the most reliable manufacturers and control the production chain including packing design and execution.

Thanks to our demanding customers from all over the world we are constantly sourcing new items, new factories, new production skills which means that the Dimason offer is widening and improving constantly. By working with Dimason, you benefit from the work we do for customers like you day in day out.

Have a look at the product range we can provide and please contact us to have more information or for any other specific enquiries.


Mostly made of noble wood as teck or oak, other more economic options are available. They come in various sizes and shapes so contact us to see which models we have off the shelf or if you are looking for a specific console.



This item requires both a good conception and solid production knowledge as it is one of the most “technical” products. We work closely with trustworthy manufacturers that can produce high quality side boards and have done it for years successfully. 


Coffee tables are subject to trends that manufacturers are following. We have a wide array of choice that is constantly updated with new models. Let us know what you are looking for.


We source tables in Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia offers noble handmade materials. Malaysia is on cheaper materials, larger but cheaper series. From your best-selling model we can construct a range of items from chairs, different sizes and shapes of tables… We can even create foldable items that customers adore nowadays.


TV stands are usually manufactured in Malaysia for the price and the width of quality options. 

More specific needs however might find an answer in other countries. Just tell us what are your needs. 


We can offer choices ranging from complete set up to single article. All materials can be considered.

Tell us what are your needs and we will present the best suited items.




Chairs is arguably the item coming in the most shapes and types. Our continent wide portfolio of suppliers can make any product, from any raw material, at the price level you need for your market. It is more difficult for you to define the exact product you want than for us to find where to make it!

Table ware


We mostly source table art items in Thailand for the quality and diversity of products.

Let us know what are you searching for or simply request some samples.



From modern style to authentic feeling, we have a wide variety of choices.

We can also provide our beds in different sizes, colors and materials that will suit your market needs.



Mainly manufactured in Indonesia, we provide high quality shelves made of noble materials.

The shapes and sizes options are so numerous that we usually develop models based on your requirements or  your design. 



If you are looking either for an outdoor or indoor piece, we have references in both. They are essentially medium range products.

We can source more styles and higher quality all over southeast asia to meet your needs.

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